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Has been my teacher for 35 years!

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A great addition to our studio!

David has been inspiring me 30 years!   We began teaching and competing together in 1988 at Arthur Murray Dance Studio in NYC and have had an amazing partnership since our first dance on and off the dance floor!

David brings style, elegance and grace to all that he does. He puts in the work, see's the big picture and makes it all happen!   

David is a visiting coach at my studio in Doylestown , PA and my students love when he comes in to teach.    He whisks the ladies around lifting their postures and creating beautiful shapes and inspires the men to be solid and secure frames moving effortlessly from one foot to the next!  

I look forward to teaching and collaborating with David for another 30 years! 

Justine Kawas

Studio Owner , Doylestown PA

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